kros I adjective
(angry: I get very cross when I lose something.) tverr, sur, gretten
II 1. plural - crosses; noun
1) (a symbol formed by two lines placed across each other, eg + or x.) kryss, kors
2) (two wooden beams placed thus (+), on which Christ was nailed.) kors
3) (the symbol of the Christian religion.) kors
4) (a lasting cause of suffering etc: Your rheumatism is a cross you will have to bear.) kors, bør, plage
5) (the result of breeding two varieties of animal or plant: This dog is a cross between an alsatian and a labrador.) krysning
6) (a monument in the shape of a cross.) kors
7) (any of several types of medal given for bravery etc: the Victoria Cross.) kors, medalje, utmerkelse
2. verb
1) (to go from one side to the other: Let's cross (the street); This road crosses the swamp.) krysse, gå over, reise over/gjennom
2) ((negative uncross) to place (two things) across each other: He sat down and crossed his legs.) krysse, legge i kors
3) (to go or be placed across (each other): The roads cross in the centre of town.) krysse
4) (to meet and pass: Our letters must have crossed in the post.) krysse
5) (to put a line across: Cross your `t's'.) lage tverrstrek over
6) (to make (a cheque or postal order) payable only through a bank by drawing two parallel lines across it.) krysse (en sjekk)
7) (to breed (something) from two different varieties: I've crossed two varieties of rose.) krysse
8) (to go against the wishes of: If you cross me, you'll regret it!) krysse ens planer, gjøre noen imot
- crossing
- crossbow
- cross-breed
- cross-bred
- crosscheck
3. noun
(the act of crosschecking.) nøye kontroll
- cross-country skiing
- cross-examine
- cross-examination
- cross-eyed
- cross-fire
- at cross-purposes
- cross-refer
- cross-reference
- crossroads
- cross-section
- crossword puzzle
- crossword
- cross one's fingers
- cross out
subst. \/krɒs\/
1) kors
2) kryss
3) (overført) kors, lidelse, plage
everyone has a cross to bear in life
alle har sitt kors å bære her i livet
4) bumerke (i form av et kors)
5) (i bokstav) tverrstrek
6) krysning, blandingsprodukt, mellomting, blanding
the taste is a cross between strawberry and raspberry
7) (slang) bedrageri, svindel, uærlighet, ulovlighet
8) (skolevesen) kryss (tilsvarende rød understrekning i Norge)
9) (fotball) innlegg
10) skuffelse, uhell
a cross in love
bear one's cross bære sitt kors
have a cross against one's name være i unåde, ha gjort noe galt
make one's cross sette sitt bumerke
on the cross uærlig, på uærlig vis diagonalt, skjevt, på skrå, på snei
cut the fabric on the cross
klippe stoffet på skrå
sign of the cross korsets tegn
take up one's cross ta sitt kors på seg
the Cross korset (der Kristus ble korsfestet)
the Cross and the Crescent korset og halvmånen, kristendommen og Islam
verb \/krɒs\/
1) legge i kors, legge over kors, ligge i kors, krysse, korse
cross one's arms
legge armene i kors
2) krysse, reise over, gå over, dra over, reise gjennom, dra gjennom
Nansen crossed Greenland on skis
Nansen krysset Grønland på ski
3) sette tverrstrek på
cross a cheque
krysse en sjekk
4) (biologi) krysse
5) gjøre korsets tegn (over)
6) gå om (hverandre), krysse (hverandre)
your letter crossed mine
7) (overført) krysse, forhindre, gå i veien for, gjøre imot, gå imot, krysse ens planer
he crosses me in everything
han gjør alltid imot meg
8) (fotball) slå et innlegg
9) (hverdagslig) stige til hest, sitte (opp) i sadel, sitte (opp) på hest
cross my heart (and hope to die)! æresord!, kors på halsen!
cross oneself korse seg, gjøre korsets tegn
cross one's mind slå en, falle en inn
it has crossed my mind
tanken har foresvevet meg
cross one's t's (and dot one's i's) være svært nøye, uttrykke seg klart og tydelig, uttrykke seg i klartekst
cross something off krysse noe av
cross swords with kjempe med, diskutere med
cross that bridge when you get to it ta ikke sorgene på forskudd
cross the floor sefloor, 1
keep one's fingers crossed krysse fingrene
with one's legs crossed med beina i kryss, med korslagte bein
adj. \/krɒs\/
1) (hverdagslig) ergerlig, sint, arg, sur, gretten
2) kryssende, kryss-, tverr-, side-, som går på tvers
cross traffic
3) gjensidig
cross accusations
4) (biologi) hybrid, kryssavlet
5) kontrær, mot-
cross wind
6) (slang) ulovlig, uhederlig
7) (slang) stjålet
as cross as two sticks sur som eddik, pottesur
cross with sint på, sur på

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